I MISS GEORGE by Nadia Lanfranconi

Person - I MISS GEORGE by Nadia Lanfranconi

Triple threat singer-songwriter/ actress and painter with a little Italian drawl that seems to disappear only when she sings, Nadia Lanfranconi was born and raised in Lake Como, Italy, where she originally studied to be a fashion designer. .

Self taught guitar player and drummer, don't get fooled by the tomboy rock attitude with no filter, her sweet emotional vocals reveal her feminine side and vulnerability that allowed her to be successful in other artistic fields so prominent in a town like Los Angeles, CA, where she currently resides.
With dozens of credits for features, commercials and television like Criminal Minds, Entourage, Fiat to name a few, Nadia continues working in the entertainment industry and now expanding to her original academic talent, fashion.

“i miss george” was named after a little bird, George, she rescued, loved back to health and then released to his natural habitat around the time the clothing line was starting.