Em Ellison

Em Ellison believes that busy lives are the best lives. Em is a fitness model with Model Club Inc., a stylist at Luxe Leisure, and social media influencer @em_ellison. As a former collegiate swimmer and cheerleader, Em values the importance of exercise and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She stays active in competitive sports and is the head swim coach of two high school teams and an assistant coach on a US swim club. Recognizing the importance of leadership, Em emphasizes the importance of practicing self-love and developing a healthy mental and physical connection to your body to her teams. She maintains these values in her own life on the pool deck and in her personal life.

Em is a true Aquarian and former Floridian who believes that she belongs on the beach with messy hair, tanned skin, and a mojito watching the waves. Her clothing line is inspired by her passion for spending time in the sun, which is why she customized her line for warm weather. When wearing her pieces, Em wants you to "dance with the waves, move with the sea, and let the rhythm of the water set your soul free," one of her favorite quotes by Christy Ann Martine. Em reminds everyone that you will have never loved for nothing, and that the love we generate must start within ourselves. Em hopes her comfortable, stylish clothes instill a piece of her freedom and confidence in you whenever you put them on. Move around, get done up in this pretty-yet-playful line, and feel great about yourself as you enjoy the summer!