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What is Athleisure Clothing & Is It For You?

It wasn't that long ago that women wore corsets, girdle, pantyhose, and more to keep everything in, for lack of a better term. Fast forward to the 21st century, and things have changed. Now, women are leading a more active lifestyle and they want to be comfortable doing so. Enter athleisure, a women's clothing style that is taking women's fashion by storm.

Double Icon offers affordable women's fashion online that emphasizes comfortable, trendy, and stylish. We offer a whole line of athleisure wear for our customers. Below, we'll explain what exactly is athleisure and then answer the question if it's for you or not. Shop our fashion for women online today!


You can think of athleisure as fashion meeting sportswear. Athlesiure wear has been steadily growing for the past 20 years, spearheaded by the company Lululemon that makes very trendy, stretchy pants. Athleisure wear can be worn at the gym or just around town, and even to work.

Why is Athleisure Wear So Popular?

  • It's super comfortable. Finally you have clothing that moves with you and not against you.
  • It's trendy. You can look good while rocking yoga pants.
  • It's casual. You can lay around the house and then run to the grocery store — all without having to change clothes.
  • It's colorful. Think Lululemon, and you'll know exactly what we mean.
  • It's versatile. Athleisure wear is so comfortable that you can sleep in it.

What Types of Clothes are Considered Athleisure?

  • Yoga pants
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sweatpants
  • Leggings
  • Gym shorts
  • Joggers
  • Yoga tops
  • And more!

Is Athleisure Wear for You?

Many people love Athleisure wear because they can move better in them, they are super comfortable, and they are easy. Let's face it: it's super easy on a Monday morning to roll out of bed, hop in the shower, and then throw on some yoga pants and a top and head out the door. Then, no matter what's on your plate for that day, from a meeting at the office and lunch with the boss to chasing your toddler around the soccer field while your oldest is at practice, you'll be prepared. And let's say your son spills his chocolate milk all over your pants, there's no need to fret — it comes out easily.

In essence, Athleisure wear is popular because it is a lifestyle clothing that holds up to all the unknowns that life can throw at you. The versatility that Athleisure wear offers allows it to be paired with any number of looks to dress it up. For instance, you can pair an Athleisure wear top with jeans or throw on a leather jacket for a classic up-do. Any number of combinations can instantly yield a trendy, chic look that women everywhere love.


Double Icon has mastered the comfort Athleisure wear is famous for with the style that women look for in women's fashion. Our trendy apparel includes the best in women's leggings and joggers, as well as hoodies and crop tops. We've thought of everything that an active woman needs in our Athleisure leggings, from hidden pockets in the waistband, which is perfect for credit cards, phones, and more, to stretchy yet sturdy nylon. With our leggings, you won't need to carry a purse, which frees your hands to carry your kids' things instead.

You can rest assured that Double Icon's Athleisure wear meets our criteria for trendy women's clothing. Our stylish tops for women are super soft, comfortable, and stretchy, as well as sophisticated. We've created top-notch trendy apparel that will meet even the toughest critic's criteria. Shop our vast selection of affordable online clothing today!

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