Trending Shoes For 2021

We are preparing ourselves for Spring Summer and one of the most important things we must consider is the shoes we'll be wearing during the season; I have some great news, since but they fit perfectly into the stay-at-home pandemic life trend, some of the 2020 trends still fashion for this year!!


Flats are in style in 2021. They're both comfortable and practical and look great paired with everything from trousers and skirts, to dresses and shorts. Consider styles such as classic ballet flats, pointed mules, loafers, combat boots, and tennis shoes. Updates to these designs in 2021 include square toes, Mary-Jane style straps, and natural materials.


While they can be divisive, flatforms are on-trend in 2021. The chunky soles add extra height to the wearer, without the discomfort of heels. As such, they're practical and stylish all at the same time. You'll find sneakers and sandals are the most popular varieties, as they keep your foot secured to counteract the additional weight of the soles.


Kitten Heel Mules

Unleash your inner fashionista with these kitten heel mules. With a miniature height and an accentuated toe, this style is a cute addition to any outfit. From something plain to a wild and funky design, you can’t go wrong with this stunning footwear.


Both flat and heeled loafers are trendy in 2021. This timeless shoe is an excellent combination of practical comfort and elegant style. Pair flat loafers with ankle cut trousers, jeans, or even yoga pants and blazer for a dressed up, yet casual aesthetic. When it comes to heeled loafers, opt for block heels or open backs, and wear them with midi-length skirts, tailored pants, and wide-leg jeans.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are always in style as a concept; however, it's the details that change with the season. In 2021 look for combat ankle boots with chunky soles and a whole lot of attitude. Square toes are also in, as are laces for a detailed look. Regarding colors, the brighter the better with all shades of the rainbow, as well as white on-trend.

There are a few staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe. These include a quality pair of classic black ballet flats, which are versatile, comfortable, and elegant. Next, stylish shoes for casual walking are essential, whether this is a pair of sneakers, tennis shoes, or loafers, you want them to be easy to wear. Mid-heeled boots, either ankle or tall, are next on this list, then a pair of summer sandals in a neutral color. Lastly, a pair of black heels are like the little black dress of the shoe wardrobe – just make sure you pick a style you can walk in both comfortably and safely.