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Step-by-step Guide To Have Stunning Skin

Step-by-step Guide To Have Stunning Skin

One of my New Year's resolutions was to take extra care of my skin, and I wanted to start a skincare routine but I had so many questions, like what products should I buy? In what order I'm supposed to use them? What is a serum? and many more.  

In order to do it right, I've decided to visit a dermatologist and she gave me a simple advise: cleanse, treat and moisturize


Cleansing is the basic first step of any good routine. The way you do it and the products you use are very important, always choose a cleanser that fits your skin type and be gentle, is your skin, embrace it and love it.

Also, remember, every night you must clean your skin (yes, again), always take off your makeup and remove any dirt and oil out of your pores.


In order to treat your skin properly, you can use Toner and Serums. Using toner helps you to balance your pH, especially now that we have to use face masks all the time. Serums are very helpful in order to reverse all the sun and pollution damage.


After you've cleaned and treated your skin, is very important to moisturize to keep your skin hydrated and fresh; during daytime, she recommended me to use a light moisturizer that will soak faster. At nighttime you can use a heavier coverage to create a barrier and seal ingredients for a glowy skin the next day. 

My dermatologist told me the most important step in my daily skincare is the sunscreen, you have to use it in order to see how the rest of the products work, she explained me that the Sun is the number one reason why skin ages.

Even if you work indoors, you must use sunscreen daily, I was shocked when she told that also the computer light affects your skin,and of course, sunscreen is my new BFF.

I committed to myself to follow this steps and I really hope to see my skin healthier and prettier for a longer period of time. I hope this little blog helps you and inspire you to take care of your face and love yourself. 

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Skin Care Musts during COVID-19

Skin Care Musts during COVID-19

Many of us are wearing face masks when in public or during work shifts, often for hours at a time. These measures are key to reducing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

But as helpful as it is, mask use can lead to chafing of the skin on the bridge of your nose, chin, cheeks and even behind the ears. Some people develop itchiness or a rash. Sweaty or damp conditions under the mask can lead to acne breakouts and other skin concerns. Making a few skincare changes for your face can help counteract these effects.

Adopt a regular skin care routine

Cleanse and moisturize your face before and after using a mask. A good strategy after you’ve removed your mask using proper procedures (avoid touching the front of the mask, and wash your hands right afterward) is to wash your face. But be sure to wash your hands first so you’re not transferring germs from the mask into your mouth, nose, and eyes. Today you can find several devices that are very helpful to improve and make easier your cleaning and skin care routine.

Treat acne 

If you develop acne, cleanse your skin regularly. Use a water-soluble moisturizer. Also, avoid popping or squeezing pimples, which can contribute to inflammation and infection of the area.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 

More face washing can increase your chances of developing dry skin, especially in the areas around the nose and mouth, where the mask has been. Avoid the temptation to scratch or adjust your mask, or even reach under the mask and rub your nose subconsciously.


Wash Your Mask Regularly

It’s essential to cleanse not only your complexion regularly but also your face covering, so you can easily switch out to a clean mask rather than reintroduce dirt, oil, and debris from a soiled mask to your skin surface. Additionally, stock up on masks made from soft fabrics to avoid acne formation.

It’s possible to pick them up on your hands and transfer them into your system by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. The more barriers between you and coronavirus germs, the better.

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