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Stylish Spring Trends For 2020

Spring is here and so are fantastic new styles and designers to help you look your best and burst into the new season with the latest trends in women’s apparel. At Double Icon, we curate our collection around designers with stunning lines, great pricing, and on-trend-minded pieces, so you can easily find spring styles for 2020 that you’ll love.

In today’s blog, we will cover three of the styles that are already established as ways to shine this spring. All you have to do is visit our online collection to discover the pieces and sets that speak to you. Your natural glow and the warm sun of the longer days will do the rest. Shop with us today.

Stylish Sleeves

This spring, stunning, showstopping sleeves are all the rage, but creatively styled and well-worn sleeve accents, in general, are landing big across the entire breadth of women’s apparel.

From billowing, blousy sleeves to built-up, bunched up crunches of sleeves, you’ll have a hard time going wrong this spring when you choose to make a top with sleeve focal point a part of your ensemble.

Double Icon carries all kinds of soft, comfortable, and creative tops, blouses, and shirts with sleeves that are sure to help you stand out in all the rights ways this spring.

Knitwear Styles

A surprising, but welcome genre of trendy apparel for this spring is knitwear. Knitwear pieces can range from chunky sweaters and cardigans through the cooler days and colder evenings of the early season, keeping you warm, cozy, and utterly adorable with that cup of cocoa tucked in your hands.

Knitwear dresses and skirts are perfect ways to continue staying on-trend as the weather starts to warm up and you want more exposed shoulders and legs to stay cool without having to downgrade your comfort level just yet.

At Double Icon, we have over a hundred different knitwear items to choose from ranging from early spring sweaters to unbelievably easy-to-wear skirts for warmer weather.

Athleisure-Chic Wear

When it comes to trendy women’s apparel, we don’t think that this one is going anywhere. No, no — we’ve already learned that athleisure wear checks all the boxes. It’s flexible, it’s comfortable, and it looks great.

Whether you are working on your beach body for summer, running errands, or working around the house, or doing almost anything else, athleisure wear provides you with almost total flexibility in so many different ways.

At Double Icon, we’re big fans of athleisure apparel and we carry some awesome items we think that you’re going to love this spring.

Find All Of These Trendy Apparel Styles For Spring This Year At Double Icon

Our eCommerce fashion company was started because we love looking and feeling great, and we want to help share those things with others. At Double Icon, we strive to work with, and inventory, stunning clothing lines from designers like Cynthia Leu, Shanna Moakler, Nadia Lanfranconi, Free People, and our course, our own Double Icon clothing and accessory line.

Visit our online store today and discover pieces from these awesome designers that will help you ring in spring with trendy apparel and the best women’s fashion around.

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