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Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring?

Can you believe that spring has sprung?

It feels like just yesterday that we were ringing in the new year and stocking our catalog with 2020’s up-and-coming styles!

Spring is one of our favorite seasons here at Double Icon. Don’t get us wrong — we love cozy sweaters and warmm stylish tops, but we also love when it’s finally warm enough to wear rompers, dresses, and crop tops.

Today’s post features a few spring essentials you need to have in your wardrobe before the first day of spring. There’s no better time than right now to invest in stylish clothes that help you look and feel your best. Check out the Double Icon catalog when you’ve finished reading today’s post!

2020 Spring Trends

2020 spring fashion is bright, bold, and beautiful.

Red-orange is one of the most prominent colors you can expect to see this spring. There’s nothing subtle or low-key about this fiery shade — it’s about as loud and confident as you can get. Check out our Spring Fling Button Down Top from Cynthia Leu as an example! If your area is still on the chilly side until April or late May, then you simply have to have this Feeling Like a Ten Windbreaker in your collection.

Neon yellow is another color that will undoubtedly catch your eye this spring. It’s youthful, energetic, and we just can’t get enough of it. We mentioned our Feeling Like a Ten Windbreaker above — we have it in neon yellow, too.

If you’ve been longing for color since winter began, then you’re going to love the fact that bright green is absolutely in this spring. So are high-waisted pants, and Cynthia Leu has brought them together in a beautiful pair that will catch everyone’s attention.

Denim blue is one more color you can expect to see in full bloom this spring. Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out or you’re heading out for a day in the sun, the Double Icon In Full Bloom Maxi Dress brings comfort and style together in a way you rarely see. Pair this maxi dress with a cute pair of shoes and your favorite sun hat and hit the town!

Timeless Classics

There’s a lot that changes in the world of fashion, but there’s also a lot that stays the same.

When it comes to springtime clothing, you simply can’t go wrong with any of the following colors that are always in style:

  • Olive
  • Pumpkin
  • Lavender
  • Lime green

What do all of these colors have in common? They’re neutral enough that you can pair them with virtually anything, but they’re also colorful enough that they add to the already-beautiful spring blooms. Pair these colors with any of the ones listed above for a classic-meets-contemporary springtime look!

Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring!

Are you ready to look your best this spring? Don’t wait until the season’s started to invest in the trendy women’s clothing you deserve — head over to the Double Icon catalog and find everything you need to make this spring your best one yet!

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