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Get To Know The Brands At Double Icon

Double Icon is committed to carrying beautiful, creative, and unique lines from designers we respect and trust. We are particular about our partners and love the work they do and the quality of their products.

In today’s blog, we will introduce you to the brands we carry and conveniently link you to check out the collections that we are currently featuring. Of course, if you ever have any questions at all about our online women’s apparel store, you can contact us here.

Cynthia Leu

Cynthia Leu is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and believes in cooperation, determination, and compassion. She brings these elements into her work as an advocate for mental health and as time spent coaching women who share her passion of powerlifting.

Cynthia’s line is all about embracing vulnerability at the same time that you embrace power, while feeling free and comfortable in your own body and what you are wearing. See Cynthia Leu’s collection here.

Shanna Moakler

Double Icon is proud to carry the Smoak line from Shanna Moakler. Born in Rhode Island, Shanna’s journey through modeling and acting would take her across the entire nation from Boston to New York to Miami To L.A.

As a pop-culture icon in multiple genres, Shanna has always had her finger on the pulse of successful, yet versatile fashion trends. Her collection offers stunning styles for women of all ages, from all walks of life with an emphasis on comfort. Discover Smoak by Shanna Moakler here.

Nadia Lanfanconi

The I Miss George collection from Nadia Lanfranconi is the culmination of a lifetime spent raised in Italy, traveling and acting around the world, and always being a student of fashion along the way.

Nadia has curated an incredible set of pieces that hint at Mediterannean culture and elegance while fully embracing the bold character of various textures, lines, and colors. Find a garment you’ll love in the I Miss George collection from Nadia Lanfranconi here.

Free People Apparel

Free People is a specialty women’s brand from Urban Outfitters. It sings of bohemian style and creativity and is beloved by many within the festival community for its flagrant shattering of fashion norms while bringing high-fashion concepts and casual streetwear together seamlessly. Check out the pieces we carry from Free People here.

Double Icon

Double Icon isn’t just an online retailer, however. We also have our very own brand of affordable and stylish women’s apparel and accessories. Our current offerings include incredibly flowing and attractive spring and summer wear pieces for everything from office life to date night dresses.

Our love for fashion and our commitment to sharing that with as many people as possible has led us down the path of creating styles that are incredibly versatile and appealing. You can shop our entire lineup of stunning clothing.

Our collection of creative, stunning designs and garments makes shopping with us a great way to find the right piece of clothing for any time of year and every occasion.