Ep. 2- Summer coming to an end

Beach stroll, weekend hiking, camping with friends and bonfire marshmallow is ending. For those who have not yet done any summer activities are trying to get it off their summer to-do list.
Today we will be talking about the beach. What to do and what not to do so that you won't embarrass yourself or others around you.
1. Tan line bomb
If you like the visible tan line from the bikini then don't read any further. We will go over what to do so that you don't get those tan lines.
Make sure you put the tanning lotion everywhere where the sun will hit. Some people forget to put the tanning lotion and when they take off their strap and lay down they will get a red line...
It is important that you take off the strap but make sure you have applied the tanning lotion as well. The sun will also hit the side of your body so make sure the straps are layout down on your side. You don't want a tan line of your strap on the side. The front is tricky because you can't take off your bikini in a front beach unless you want to go to jail. So we recommend 1. go to your house and get it tan or 2. go to a nude beach. simple. Let's not go to jail people.
2. Don't forget to flip
We have seen movies where people are sleeping in the sun. Do not do this unless you want a serious sun burn. You will get flaky and have dark burnt marks. Sun tanning is very dangerous so you have to be careful. One of the things we recommend is to flip often. If you don't flip often you will get burned. Flip often so that you will get even tanning on both side of your body. While flipping is important you have to remember to flips your arms are well so both side will get tanned.
So today we went over the basic of how not to get a tan line bomb and to flip often. Don't forget these when you go to the beach next time.
Jason Kim