Get into the Holiday Spirit with our Favorite Christmas Records

Get into the Holiday Spirit with our Favorite Christmas Records

We are exactly one week away from Christmas and we couldn't be more excited!!!, over the past few weeks we recommend you some of our favorite Holiday movies and some inspiration for your Christmas outfits (check out or blog for more details). Here in Double Icon we love Christmas so much and we are so happy to share with you some albums that will fill any space with cheer, joy and get you into the Holiday Spirit.


Such a Christmas classic! This album is a wonderful mix between rock & roll, country, gospel and traditional carols. Who doesn't loves "The King"? This popular record is perfect to warm your heart while you bake some gingerbread cookies and drink Hot Cocoa.

charlie brown

This hidden gem inspired in the easy going California Living is full of West Coast jazz and melancholic notes that are extremely heart touching, every time I listen to this record I remember Charlie Brown standing around in the falling snow, complaining to Linus about how Christmas gets him down. This is the prefect album to make a full introspection to find the real meaning of the Holiday.

bing crosby white christmas

What Jesus is to Christmas, Bing Crosby is to Christmas music. This is what great singing is, all classic songs interpreted by an amazing voice. We recommend you to listen this with your family while you make all the Christmas preps.

cee lo

The Voice has made Cee Lo Green America's favorite smiling funk mystic, so this lovable record is a no-brainer. He turns in one of the more stylistically ecumenical Christmas discs out there.  A boomin' belly isn't the only thing he shares with Santa; dude's got something for everyone.

Michael Bublé, 'Christmas' (2011)

Michael Bublé - Christmas (Deluxe Special Edition) | CD | BIG W

Michael Bublé really brings out the magic of Christmas, this is one of those albums that you can literally listen everywhere, anytime, and always put a smile on your face.  


Let us know if this records are already on your Christmas Playlist and which ones we are missing through our social media. Also check our Double Icon website, where you'll find our Winter lookbook, and different styles for the Holidays.  



Inspired by: "The 25 Greatest Christmas Albums of All Time" - RollingStone