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Are You Spring Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe?

Spring is officially here, and with it, many Americans are finding themselves stuck indoors as they practice social distancing to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19. So this year, spring cleaning might just be a tempting way to spend some of your time, especially if you can wrangle your partner and/or your kids into helping.

In today’s blog from Double Icon, we’ll share why making sure that your wardrobe is on that list is so important. Once you’re done, find affordable fashion for women online at Double Icon and discover perfect new tops, rompers, dresses, and more to have conveniently delivered to your home, so you’re restocked and ready to make the most of spring once you’re back outdoors.

A Part of The Whole

When it comes to spring cleaning, you don’t want to leave the job half done. The whole idea is that your entire environment should be evaluated, cleaned, and organized. Of course, one of those organization piles needs to be the trash can or donation bin.

Getting into closets — areas where overstuffed boxes, knickknacks, and fallen clothing are abundant — and dressers are just as important as the traditional practice of scrubbing down the kitchen and deep cleaning the carpets.

When your closets feel just as clean and organized as the rest of your home, you’ll feel great every time you get dressed and won’t ever have that frustration that all the time and energy you spent on the rest of the house ended with a less than a fully finished job.

Cleansing & Closure

You should always be growing and moving forward. Finding ways to move on from clothing that no longer fits well, that is out of style, or that you just don’t feel wonderful in anymore is an important part of that process.

After all, your daily ensemble — whether it be a stunning new maxi dress for flowing through a farmers market or athleisure wear for comfort on your one day off this week — is a story about who you are and how you feel today. Shouldn’t you love what you’re putting on?

Letting go of old clothes, whether selling them, donating them, or handing them down allows you to say goodbye to bad memories, discomfort, and stagnation, and to say hello to new spring styles you love.

Finding New, Affordable Spring Fashions

Once that wardrobe has been cleaned out and organized, you’re going to find that there is room for new fashion, especially if it’s affordable.

With warmer weather around the corner, there’s plenty of opportunities to find a couple of new items that work together, revive an older piece in your wardrobe, or can become the new go-to favorite.

Affordable Fashion For All Seasons

At Double Icon, we have an extensive inventory of stunning brands like our own Double Icon brand, Cynthia Leu, Shanna Moakler, Nadia Lanfronconi, and Free People. You can find all of these beautiful, affordable spring fashions on our site and ready to be delivered for placement in your wardrobe today.

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