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Are You Making These Fashion Faux Pas?

Let’s make sure that right off the bat, we’re not here to judge you based on a preconceived notion about what good and bad style or fashion look like. At Double Icon, we love affordable fashion, but we also believe that you are ultimately your own curator of your personal brand and look. We believe that is important and powerful.

Today’s blog is more about fashion faux pas, or mistakes, that are easy to make and are based on fears, insecurities, and traditions that put you in a box rather than let you explore your personal brand fully.

Continue reading to learn more, or check out our online collections of stunning, varied, and affordably priced fashions at Double Icon.

You Always Purchase The Same Size Clothes

Somewhere along the way, you were convinced that either sizing was the same, or that you had to find it in the right number, regardless of brand, to be able to wear it. All of that is totally off-key.

There is no truly standard sizing when it comes to women’s apparel. Different brands have different baselines, and sometimes, even the place where the clothing is manufactured can matter.

When buying new clothing, always make sure to reference items you love the fit and look of that you already own from the same brand or be willing to try a few things on and find your own personal reference point. There is no shame in wearing a medium in one brand and a large in another.

You Avoid Horizontal Stripes

While wearing tight striped pieces may not help you achieve the look you are going for, classy, well-fitting garments that have horizontal stripes can be flattering on any woman, so there’s no reason to give up on a piece before you try it simply because it has stripes that go the “wrong” way.

You’re Scared To Wear Multiple Bold Colors

For so long, it felt like a single bold color was enough on its own. However, color-blocking styles and trends have proven that bold colors, paired together, can be distinct, attention-grabbing, and promote a sense of confidence and certainty.

You Think Loose Styles Are Wrong For Your Body Type

Many women believe that looser fitting clothing is only worn well by their full-figured counterparts. Let’s just say that plus-sized women have refused to avoid more form-fitting clothes, and they look incredible doing it.

By carving out a whole style of fashions, you’re losing out on the opportunity to discover stunning new pieces that you wear well.

You Follow The “Remove One Accessory” Rule

Lots of women will relate to feeling like — or maybe having even been told by a friend or family member — to lose one accessory or piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Uh-uh. If you look in the mirror and have questions about whether something seems like it is too much, get a second opinion by all means, but never assume that you must have overdone it by nature.

You Don’t Look For Affordable Fashion Online At Double Icon

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