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3 Common Fashion Myths Busted

Should you wear white after Labor Day? Is it true that black and navy should never be worn together? We’ve heard a lot of fashion myths over the years, and today’s post is dedicated to helping you cut through the noise and empower yourself to dress however you want.

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No White After Labor Day

This is one of the most common myths you’ve probably heard floating around the fashion world. While this rule was more of a fashion law at one point in time, it’s now become an outdated suggestion that shouldn’t deter you from wearing your favorite clothes. In fact, ignoring it is probably one of the best ways to keep yourself cool and comfortable during the summer. After all, white is one of the most sensible choices you can make.

However, always be judicious about when you wear white garments. They may be perfect for a summer picnic or a day at the beach, but one small spill at a winery could spell disaster.

Black and Navy Don’t Mix

Says who?

Sure, black and blue can sometimes be similar in tone and difficult to tell apart. However, the right accessories and strategizing can make blue and black look incredibly chic and fashion-forward. If you’re going to wear a navy top with black pants, or vice versa, try pairing them with dark black accessories for a dark and mysterious look. Alternatively, white garments and accessories can make a bold, eye-catching statement that’s just as interesting.

All of that said, there is some truth to the saying that black and navy don’t mix well, and it mostly has to do with context. For instance, you wouldn’t want to throw on a pair of navy pants to complete a formal outfit just because the dress pants you usually wear need to be washed. If you’re going for a chic, fashionable look, go for it. If you’re dressing professionally and need to adhere to the norms of professional attire, stick to what you would normally wear.

Limit the Number of Bold Items You Wear

Within reason, yes. However, just as black and navy can be paired perfectly with a little forethought, so can multiple boldly colored items.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how fashionable bright, saturated colors are in right now, and will continue to be through the summer. A bright scarlet top could pair perfectly with your favorite pair of white summer pants, or you could wear a stylish dress that’s a neutral color while pairing it with bright accessories.

Above all else, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your outfits!

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