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2020 Summer Fashion Tips

Spring has come and gone and you crushed it in those adorable tops and versatile sets that you found at Double Icon, but summer is right around the corner and early trends are already starting to emerge.

At Double Icon, we don’t just want to help you find trendy apparel you love for yourself, we also want to help keep you abreast of the latest, emerging, and most accessible fashion trends.

In today’s blog, we’re going to look forward to the summer and help you get ahead of the trend-curve with this insider look at what will be hot in the months ahead.

Serious Sleeves

You’re going to be super glad that you followed our advice and invested in a couple of stunning tops with creative sleeves this spring because the trend is going nowhere fast in 2020. You’re set to get extra miles out of what you’ve already purchased this season, and you can buy bold-sleeved blouses and tops with confidence moving into this next season.

Have a piece that you opted not to get during the spring season or still haven’t taken a look at our stunning sleeved and sleeveless tops for summer? Check them out today.

Redefine “Dress Boots”

There are two powerful and fascinating shoe trends that are going to be big this summer. The first is wearing shoes on the outside of your pants. From lace-up sandals over a jumper leg to high boots over a faux-leather pant, shoes are outerwear this summer.

However, the one we are crazy about is the chunky boot with a stunning dress. This statement ensemble combines femininity with stability, strength, and an unmistakable edge. Your old combat boots or a newer pair of chunky boots will pair gloriously with one of our many summer dresses.

Match It Up

Prints are an eternally dividing topic, with some people finding that they just can’t give in. However, for the rest of us who have learned to fall in love with creative, fun, and seasonal prints, summer is going to be fantastic.

Go big this summer with trendy apparel that offers matching prints on multiple pairs of clothing. While matching print tops and leggings are sure to be seen regularly, any kind of matching printed accent is going to score you fashion points.

Jump Right In

It’s summer fashion we’re talking about, so let’s make sure not to miss out on mentioning jumpers and rompers. That’s right, these awesome trendy garments are back.

The rage seems to be largely around fake-leather materials, but we’re tracking a trend that suggests that any classy, elegant varieties are going to be on-trend during the coming months.

Make sure to check out our collection of rompers and jumpers for the best in trendy fashion for women.

Find Trendy Apparel For Summer At Great Prices With Double Icon

Summer is the perfect time to get outside, be comfortable, and let the whole world know that you look as good as you feel. Discover the trendy fashion styles and pieces you’re looking for online at Double Icon today.

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